Customer satisfaction & retention

HondaOne2One should be changed to OneWayHonda

Day before yesterday, a lady from HondaOne2One called me. In case you guys do not know, HondaOne2One is the brand name of Honda Cars customer care. The lady who called wanted to know if the dealer had spoken to me. First, she didn’t tell me what the dealer was supposed to speak to me about because I have raised a number of issues with Honda Siel Cars India regarding the premature failure of my Honda City’s clutch and flywheel. Second, I asked her as to why doesn’t she call the dealer to check whether he called me or not before calling me. I guess Honda executives think that calling the customer at every opportunity they get to ask frivolous questions is a way of building relationships with the customer. I thought at least that the Japanese companies would undertstand how to build relationship with their customers but I am disappointed.

Lets see if Complaint Cards can get a response from Honda

I have developed customer complaint cards to motivate businesses to resolve customer complaints quickly. Since I am not getting any response from Honda CarI am going to send the customer complaints cards to the following Honda Siel Cars India top executives regarding my Honda City complaint and see if I can wake them up to give me a positive response to my complaint:

Honda Car India does not even bother to respond to customer complaints

I had mentioned in my earlier post about clutch and flywheel of my Honda City getting burnt and Honda dealer blaming me for the same. Well, after receiving the response from the Honda dealer, I decided to pursue the matter with Honda Car company itself. So far my effort to get them to even say even a word has been unsuccessful. It seems that Honda Siel Car India believes that keeping quiet is the best way of building relations with the customer.

Why do airlines need government intervention to tell the truth

I have been unable to understand why airlines do not like telling its prospective customers the total price inclusive of all charges as well as the break-up. Why don’t they disclose the total amount the customer has to pay? What will they gain by hiding the correct amount or the break-up details that the customer has to pay?

Executives at Tatasky lie

I had earlier posted my experience with Tatasky when my wife and I wanted to watch Slumdog Millionaire. What happened after that is evident from the email I received from the COOO (I didn’t add the “O” by mistake. Its actually a designation.) and my response to him.

Reduce customer defections for exponential increase in profits

Its been a long time since I have talked about customer mathematics. So let me introduce you to the next customer math formula.

A pre-requisite to getting more customers is keeping the old one happy

Most people do not understand that getting more customers is dependent on how many customers you have lost or how happy or unhappy your existing customers are. Most people who want to buy a big ticket item like real estate will try to get the opinion of a friend, relative or colleague who has bought and used the product before. If the experience has been a negative one, the dissatisfied customer with dissuade the new prospective customer from buying the product and you will lose the sale. On the other hand, if the existing customer is happy, he will speak positively about your product and the sale is certain.

A customer in hand is better than five in the bush

I am back with some more customer mathematics.

What can the dissatisfied customer do with the Internet?

If you ask me, quite a lot. Internet has allowed a dissatisfied customer the ability to reach far and wide without spending any money.

Learning management through posters

Posters are a very effective learning and reminder tool. As such, I have decided to develop a website where you will be able to find management posters on practically all topics of management. I am slowly and steadily building it up. Have a look and if you have any suggestions do let me know.