I don’t think businesses should be involved in CSR

Those of you who have read my earlier post on CSR will remember that I had discussed as to where should CSR start. I had quite a different view on what CSR is all about. If you remember, I had stated that if every company rakes care of its immediate stakeholders like employees, customers, vendors then the need for CSR will almost disappear. This could have a Domino’s effect. Every employee, customer and vendor has a family. In addition, some of our customers and practically every vendor would have employees, vendors and customers. The chain reaction could encompass the whole society.

Corporate Social Responsibilities and unsolicited calls

I have argued in my earlier posts that businesses need to look at corporate social responsibility in a different manner. If every business takes care of its immediate stakeholders like customers, employees and vendors, I doubt if they would need to need to establish foundations as most companies end up doing.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Where should it start?

I have been hearing a lot about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), that is, a company’s responsibility towards the society. In simple terms it means that a company must manage its role in society as a producer, employer, customer and citizen. I think most of the discussion on the subject centers around a corporations involvement in supporting social causes. Every corporation adopts some social causes and thinks that this is the best way of implementing CSR.