Business Ethics

I should have also received the Economic Times Award

At the recently held Economic Times awards ceremony, Bharti Foundation was awarded the award for corporate philanthropy. My argument is that I along with million others should have also been given at least a citation if not the award with Bharti Foundation. I believe I and a million others had also contributed to the Rs. 200 crore corpus which Bharti Foundation spent on opening of the 500 primary and secondary Satya Bharti schools. In fact, I believe that I and a million others should have been the award for funding the Rs. 200 crore corpus while the Bharti brothers (Sunil Mittal & Rakesh Mittal of Airtel fame) should have been given the credit for managing the effort in an efficient and effective manner. Incidently, you could have even contributed towards this effort without knowing about it.

Har office ki Kahani

Someone forwarded the following mail to me which was supposedly sent by Narayan Murthy to all Infosys staff.

Experience New York. Buy Bestech property in Gurgaon.

I had purchased a flat from a builder in Gurgaon by the name of Bestech India in their Park View Residency complex. Today, I wrote a letter to their managing director which is given below. It is self explanatory.

I told you so. We have been made Idiots by 3 Idiots.

In my first post on the subject, I had stated with reasons that we are being taken for a ride by Chetan Bhagat and maybe by the 3 Idiots team. Just yesterday I had written at about 6 in the morning that I hope I do not see Chetan’s face early in the morning but he again turned up like a bad penny on the front page of HT City. Chetan Bhagat has apologised to the producers of 3 Idiots, shown love and respect for Aamir Khan, made Idiots out of the general public and made the media dance to its tune like Idiots.

Chetan Bhagat lies. Makes everyone idiots.

I didn’t know yesterday that the producer of 3 Idiots, Vidhu Vinod Chopra(VVC), had put the contract with Chetan Bhagat on their website. This is exactly what I had suggested yesterday. All this media hoopla of who said what was just a gimmick if not on part of both the parties but certainly on the part of Chetan Bhagat. The contract clearly states that whatever VVC and Aamir have been saying. It clearly indicates that Chetan Bhagat was lying. Also, it seems that Times of India (TOI) people have made the effort to read the book and have stated that according to them whatever VVC have said is correct. I think their article headline should have been, “Chetan Bhagat is a liar” but we know that newspapers like TOI like to be in the good books of celebreties.

Nobody listens to TRAI

Telecom regulator TRAI has AGAIN directed the telcos to take explicit consent from customers before billing them with value-added services. This directive is the result of increased consumer complaints because telcos keep billing its subscribers for services not requested by them and also without their consent.

Even Hindustan Times thinks Nano booking price too high

Lat night I had discussed in detail why we should not book Nano. After sleeping over the issue at night, I think we, the customers, should unite and revolt by not booking Nano. We should let companies know that they cannot take us for a ride.

Getting banned by World Bank is OK

It was reported that Wipro was banned by the World Bank for two reasons as follows: