The best decision Vijay Mallya has made so far

Vijay Mallya has finally made a wise decision. He has decided to get rid of Kingfisher Red. As I have mentioned earlier, the biggest mistake that Vijay Mallya made was to buy Air Deccan. You cannot have a low cost airline and a premium airline run by the same company. Jet made the same mistake and so did Vijay Mallya. While branding, we have to give up something to get something. We cannot be everything to everybody.

Like I said, Cinthol is not going anywhere.

In one of my earlier blogs, I had discussed Godrej’s strategy of changing the positioning of its Cinthol soap for the thir time to “soap for the youth.” As mentioned earlier, Cinthol was introduced in the market in 1952 as the first deodorant “soap for men” and later it was repositioned as a “family soap.” Sometime back, it roped in Hrithik Roshan to again reposition it as a “soap for the youth.” Godrej had also come out with a snazzy high tech type of commercial with Hrithik Roshan to change its positioning. I had stated that this was a bad idea.

Should Bajaj be dropped? Implementation issues

In my previous post, I had discussed the new branding strategy of Rajiv Bajaj from the point of view of management theory. Well, management theory suggests that Rajiv Bajaj is on the right track. Now let us discuss some of the implementation issues that Rajiv Bajaj will have to grapple with to make his new branding strategy a success. In addition, we will also try to comment on some of the issued and concerns raised by others while debating on this issue.

What is positioning? Lets understand from an accountant.

Sunce we have been talking about positioning and branding with respect to Bajaj Auto’s new branding strategy, I thought an example to explain the concept of positioning would help.

Bajaj Auto’s branding strategy. What does management theory say?

Yesterday, in my post I had suggested that analyzing the new branding strategy adopted by Rajiv Bajaj of Bajaj Auto would be a great learning experience. I had suggested that we will analyze it from two perspectives. First, I will discuss it from the point of view of what management theory says.

Mallaya needs to let go Deccan

According to me, the options available to Vijay Mallaya were just two when he bought Air Deccan which are as follows:

Should Indian Express invest in reviving its print media business?

It seems that Indian Express (IE) is going through restructuring so that it can raise funds to revive and grow uits print media business.

A lesson in branding for Vijay Mallaya

I am a little surprised as to why Vijay Mallaya (VM) is so confused about branding issues related to his airlines as he has been pretty successful at building his other brands.

Will Hindustan Times plan work? I doubt it.

Hindustan Times, a leading newspaper in the India, has a appointment supplement called Powerjobs which it distributes along with its main paper. Powerjobs supplement from, at least an outsiders perspective, is not doing well even though HT folks have told me that they are making some money from it. The leading appointment supplement is Times of India’s (TOI) Ascent against which the appointment supplements of every other newspaper competes. According to me, the market position of Powerjobs is getting from bad to worse. I don’t remember the last time any of our clients advertised in this paper even though we release appointment advertisements in TOI-Ascent on a regular basis (By the way, I run an advertising agency).

Can somebody flank Coke & Pepsi?

Red Bull is trying to give Coke and Pepsi a run for their money. It seems that Red Bull seems to have the right and the wrong idea. First, what’s right about the idea. It seems that Red Bull is launching a premium cola in the US at $1.49 for a 12 ounce can which is expensive than Coke or Pepsi. There is no premium price cola and they have certainly found a gap in the market. One cannot fight with Pepsi and Coke head on. They have to be attacked from the side, in other words flanked.