I should have also received the Economic Times Award

At the recently held Economic Times awards ceremony, Bharti Foundation was awarded the award for corporate philanthropy. My argument is that I along with million others should have also been given at least a citation if not the award with Bharti Foundation. I believe I and a million others had also contributed to the Rs. 200 crore corpus which Bharti Foundation spent on opening of the 500 primary and secondary Satya Bharti schools. In fact, I believe that I and a million others should have been the award for funding the Rs. 200 crore corpus while the Bharti brothers (Sunil Mittal & Rakesh Mittal of Airtel fame) should have been given the credit for managing the effort in an efficient and effective manner. Incidently, you could have even contributed towards this effort without knowing about it.

Where is the need for Airtel to do the MTN deal?

Where is the need for Airtel to do the MTN deal? Where is the need to become global? The objective of any company is to make money for its shareholders and not become global or big. Big does not necessarily mean better or more profitable as most people tend to think.

How Airtel increases it revenues by cheating customers?

Are there more skeletons in corporate India’s balance sheet? Sure there are. Everybody knows that practically everybody cooks up their balance sheets. Most ofthe time the objective of closly held companies is to reduce profits so that they pay less tax. But a lot of companies want to show ever increasing returns to boost up the share prices just like what Raju of Satyam was aiming at. With higher valuations, companies can raise more money or the promoters can sell their stakes at a higher price.

Even Chidabaram questions Airtel’s service

We are all fed up with poor service of telecom companies including Airtel. I have been billed for Hello Tunes and caller identification charges on my phones without my permission. I keep getting robo calls. Now even the finance minister Mr. Chidabaram is fed up with drop calls. He was so dissatisfied that he lodged in a complaint as an ordinary customer with the Airtel customer care and even asked Airtel’s chairman Sunil Mittal whom he met at the NDTV Profit Business Award function on Oct 7, 2008, “When will the calls not drop at Lutyen’s Delhi?” Mittal’s response was, “We are constantly trying to fix our network. It may sound very boring but spectrum is an issue especially for cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta and Hyderabad where intensity is high.”

Airtel wants to be like Toyota

I recently read an article in ET in which its CEO & Joint MD Manoj Kohli was profiled. It seems that Manoj Kohli’s dream is to make Bharti Airtel the Toyota of the telecom industry.

How Airtel is making money?

Telecom companies in India have found a new way to sell. Whenever they are short on their sales or profit targets, they just bill you for services not ordered by you.