Before buying new Honda Civic car, check out its clutch system

Honda Siel cars India has launched the new Honda Civic car. However, I suggest that whoever is thinking of buying the new Honda Civic, you check out is the clutch system is the same as Honda City. If the design and technology is the same, I suggest you take the following actions:

(a) Go to a driving school and learn how to drive irrespective of the fact that you have been driving a car for many years. This is because when the clutch and flywheel of my Honda City burnt down and failed, I was told by Honda that I driving a car with my foot on the clutch. It is actually almost impossible to do so unless you are drunk or high on drugs. I have asked Honda car India to show me what I was doing wrong but they have refused to do so.
(b) Add Rs. 20-25,000 to the cost of the car while making a buying decision because you may have to replace the clutch. This is what I had to do.
(c) Take a guarantee from the dealer that if the clutch fails before 50-60,000 kms, he will repair it free of cost.

“Buyers beware” is true when it comes to buying a Honda car as I found out by spending Rs. 20,000 on replacing a burnt out clutch and flywheel. If you have heard of flywheel burning, then probably you won’t be surprised if it happens to your Honda car. If you haven’t heard of “flywheel burning” and want to experience it, go ahead and buy the Honda car.

avinash narula

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