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Finally, Ratan Tata admits mistake

Finally, Ratan Tata has admitted that his companies “might have gone too far too fast” which is what I have stated on this blog long time back when everybody was going ballastic about Tata’s acquisition of Corus and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

Vijay Mallaya should learn from Paramount

I had earlier written that Vijay Mallaya should learn from Paramount how to run an airline. Today, when Kingfisher is in trouble and Vijay Mallaya owes huge amounts to oil and hotel companies, Paramount Airlines is hiring 80 foreign pilots and 200 local pilots in the current year. Paramount needs pilots because it is adding 10 aircrafts to its existing fleet of six planes and increasing the number of flights from 1800 to 2500 per month by October 2009. It is also expanding slowly and steadily. Last month it launched flights in the eastern region.

Why do reputed companies behave in an unethical manner?

The Bangalore city corporation has issued a public notice warning against investing in DLF’s proposed complex named Westend Heights in Bangalore because DLF has not obtained approvals like environmental clearance, power, water and sanitation approvals for the project. DLF has, however invited bookings for the project and has released advertisements for the same.

Why is the government financing Kingfisher Airline?

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has invoked Rs. 50 crore guarantee of Kingfisher after a cheque issued by Kingfisher bounced. It was further reported that Kingfisher owes nearly Rs. 785 crores to the oil companies. I simply do not understand why Vijay Mallaya is getting such heavy credit from the government. The daily interest on Rs. 785 crores at just 12% works out to be Rs. 25 lakhs. Vijay Mallaya is saving this amount. He needs to sell his shares in the company ot sell any of his assets and pay the oil companies. When he owes so much of money, why did he go buy Gandhiji’s articles for Rs. 9 crores?

Nano booking a disappointment. I am not surprised.

Against the expected 5-6 lakhs booking, Tatas have booked only 2 lakh cars. They have collected Rs. 2500 crores through this booking.

Is Times of India walking its talk?

Today, I was surprised to see how unethical Times of India (TOI) is. On one hand, it talks about removing corupt politicians and on the other it forces its advertising agencies to pay 24% interest.

King of Good Times has become King of Sorrowful Times

Well, it seems that Vijay Mallaya is losing his title of King of Good Times fast. I read in Mint newspaper that his airline Kingfisher owes a lot of money to the hotels his crew members etc used to stay in. I believe he owes nearly Rs. 8 crores to them. It was hinted in the article that the airline was putting pressure on the hotels to give them more discounts. Isn’t this what people call as blackmailing?

Why do airlines need government intervention to tell the truth

I have been unable to understand why airlines do not like telling its prospective customers the total price inclusive of all charges as well as the break-up. Why don’t they disclose the total amount the customer has to pay? What will they gain by hiding the correct amount or the break-up details that the customer has to pay?

Motivational story that inspires

HSBC’s HR Head Tanuj Kapilashrami says, “But we would always want someone who has overcome adversity and succeeded. That’s the kind of story that inspires.” Her comment was part of the article by Dibeyendu Ganguly on management and motivational speakers in Corporate Dossier, a supplement of Economic Times. My thoughts on the subject are as follows:

King of Good Times becomes King of Hard Times

I was happy that finally Vijay Mallaya was out of the news and that we could concentrate on more important issues rather than discuss about the “King of Hard Times.”