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Lets get rid of the middlemen

Everytime airline industry gets into a problem, it seems that the problem is the travel agents and the commission that they receive. Somehow the whole industry seems to feel that the cause of all their problems are travel agents. The commission given to the travel agents increases the cost of the ticket which results in increasing the cost of travel which in turn reduces the demand and causes severe problems for the airline industry. I am guessing this is the logic behind the thinking of airlines.

Should Indian Express invest in reviving its print media business?

It seems that Indian Express (IE) is going through restructuring so that it can raise funds to revive and grow uits print media business.

A lesson in branding for Vijay Mallaya

I am a little surprised as to why Vijay Mallaya (VM) is so confused about branding issues related to his airlines as he has been pretty successful at building his other brands.

Will Hindustan Times plan work? I doubt it.

Hindustan Times, a leading newspaper in the India, has a appointment supplement called Powerjobs which it distributes along with its main paper. Powerjobs supplement from, at least an outsiders perspective, is not doing well even though HT folks have told me that they are making some money from it. The leading appointment supplement is Times of India’s (TOI) Ascent against which the appointment supplements of every other newspaper competes. According to me, the market position of Powerjobs is getting from bad to worse. I don’t remember the last time any of our clients advertised in this paper even though we release appointment advertisements in TOI-Ascent on a regular basis (By the way, I run an advertising agency).

Ranbaxy stake sale – Let’s call a spade a spade

The Singh family, promoters of Ranbaxy Laboratories, in a surprise move sold their controlling stake to Daiichi. Now this act of the Singh family is just what it is – a stake sale. However, Malvinder Singh, CEO of Ranbaxy has explained this move as a pioneering move and as such I am forced to comment.

IPL-Can everyone become a champion?

I have never been able to understand people who put undue pressure on their kids to come first in class. Only one out of the many contestants or participants or students will come first or become a champion. Everybody cannot become a champion

Derivatives-No short cut to making money

I have been reading about the derivative transactions that a number of companies entered into with banks. It is clear both the companies and the banks entered into these risky speculative transactions to make quick bucks. Now when the transactions resulted in huge losses, the companies are blaming the banks and vice versa.

Instant team building –

We seem to be in the “instant” mode. We want everything done instantly. To quest our appetite for “intant you-name-it,” there are organizations which come up with scams (for lack of a better word).

What goes up fast, also comes down fast

My interest in the stock market arose at the time of Reliance Power IPO. That was the first time that I commented on the stock market. At that time, I started reading Udayan Mukherjee’s column in HT. I liked his writing style.

Can somebody flank Coke & Pepsi?

Red Bull is trying to give Coke and Pepsi a run for their money. It seems that Red Bull seems to have the right and the wrong idea. First, what’s right about the idea. It seems that Red Bull is launching a premium cola in the US at $1.49 for a 12 ounce can which is expensive than Coke or Pepsi. There is no premium price cola and they have certainly found a gap in the market. One cannot fight with Pepsi and Coke head on. They have to be attacked from the side, in other words flanked.