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Vijay Mallya should learn something from Amitabh Bachan

A journalist from a reputed business paper sent me an email asking how I arrived at Rs. 90 crores, the amount that Vijay Mallya saved in interest and the government lost in interest when it allowed Vijay Mallya to delay payments by six months.

Corporate Social Responsibilities and unsolicited calls

I have argued in my earlier posts that businesses need to look at corporate social responsibility in a different manner. If every business takes care of its immediate stakeholders like customers, employees and vendors, I doubt if they would need to need to establish foundations as most companies end up doing.

Is Delhi airport renovation heading for trouble

I think its time that GMGR led DIAL is told to quit if it doesn’t have funds or can’t raise funds to complete the upgradation of Delhi Airport. Every now and then they keep coming up with some scheme (I think they are scams) to raise money. I think last year, they wanted to take deposits for hotel development even though at that time there was no financial crisis. Thankfully, the government did not allow them to do that as even the government felt that GMGR might pocket the entire amount. Now again, GMGR-DIAL wants to levy a fee on all outbound travellers a sum of Rs. 350, an increase of Rs. 50 on the earlier proposed levy of Rs. 300. Just because GMGR-DIAL has a fund shortage, why should we as customers pay to fill the shortfall? There is no logic to this. I feel that if they cannot perform their obligations, the government should ask them to quit and get another company to handle it. I think Anil Ambani would be happy to take over.

SEBI asks promoters to reveal pledged shares information

It seems that after the Satyam fiasco, SEBI is asking promoters to reveal information about pledged shares. I do not think that this step will do any good. Promoters will reveal the information and after some time people will forget about it.

Sully proves that “professionalism” pays

I think, by now, the whole world has heard of Chesley B “Sully” Sullenberger III, the pilot of the plane that landed on the Hudson river. Difficult to describe his actions in words. So I will just say – GREAT JOB!

Slumdog Millionaire-Its just a good movie

Hi guys!

Vijay Mallya cannot be trusted

In all my posts on the airlines industry, I have stated that the government should not help Vijay Mallya or listen to him because he cannot be trusted. After getting the benefit of delayed payments (savings of crores of rupees on interest) to the oil companies and oil prices coming down, he is refusing to bring down the prices. He is using delaying tactics so that he can recover huge amount of money in the meantime. I think the government should withdraw the benefits given to Kingfisher and Jet Airlines. They should be made to pay their oil bills and Airport Authority charges immediately.

Slum Dog Millionaire and Amitabh Bachan

Like evrybody else, I have the highest regard for Amitabh Bachan not because he is filmstar and a celebrity but because he is down to earth, talks logically and has honoured his committments. I would trust him. However, in the case of his comments on the movie – Slum Dog Millionaire (SDM), he has it wrong for the following reasons:

A simple solution to the financial crisis

I agree with the majority of the American people that there should no more bailouts. Why? Because that is not a solution. We have already seen that noone knows where the $350 billion went. The problem is the economy as a whole and not any individual industry. You cannot bail out one industry because the American economy is not dependent on any one industry.

Bizarre reason for seeking bail

Ansal is asking for bail on humantarian in the Uphaaar case. I think the reasoning is bizzare. His reasons are as follows: