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Slumdog Millionare-A good story can win you Oscars

Let us analyze why Slumdog Millionare has won Oscars and also why Bollywood came into limelight?

Yesterday must have been a sad day for JRD Tata

Yesterday, my wife and I decided to see Slumdog Millionaire on Tatasky. Tatasky was advertising heavily on their system. In fact, you could not turn on Tatasky without being forced to watch the advertisement for Slumdog Millionaire. The price very attractive, just Rs. 25.

Should TOI declare its interest in a news item?

Times of India (TOI) has reported about a customer complaint against MicroTek inverters on 19/2/2009 on Page 7. Its headline read “Inverter company tp apy Rs. 2.5L for fire in house.” The article was longer than the usual that Times of India devotes to customer complaint and it even had a cartoon.

A pre-requisite to getting more customers is keeping the old one happy

Most people do not understand that getting more customers is dependent on how many customers you have lost or how happy or unhappy your existing customers are. Most people who want to buy a big ticket item like real estate will try to get the opinion of a friend, relative or colleague who has bought and used the product before. If the experience has been a negative one, the dissatisfied customer with dissuade the new prospective customer from buying the product and you will lose the sale. On the other hand, if the existing customer is happy, he will speak positively about your product and the sale is certain.

Call drops are not acceptable

In my book titled Customer Icebergs, I have discussed the subject of call drops and have stated that mobile companies actually benefit with call drops which is what Hindustan Times reported today. Mobile companies have no incentive to reduce call drops because of the following reasons:

Were ICICI’s executives on Subhiksha’s board sleeping?

I recently read that Renuka Ramanathan and Rajeev Bakshi, both senior executives of ICICI ventures, were on Sibhiksha’s board. Also, according to CEO of Subhiksha, ICICI was in complete control of the Board with the CEO incharge of day-t0-day activities. Now it seems that both these ICICI executives have resigned fearing lawsuits.

Its time we thought about the country and not politics

The interim budget presented yesterday was a total washout. This is again another example of what the priorities of politicians are. They think of politics first and everything else comes later.

Look who’s crying again?

In my recent post I had stated that the joint action of the airlines in India to increase their fares together was prima facie illegal and unfair practice under MRTP. I was happy to read that MRTP is taking immediate action to investigate the matter. Of course, Aviation Minister Praful Patel also issued a warning but we all know what value that has considering his soft corner for his freind Vijay Mallya. I am also happy to hear that Jet has decided to wear the proverbial “pants” and reversed its decision to increase prices and disaasociate itself from the illegal act.

Eliminating travel agent’s commission a bad idea

I have earlier commented on this issue. Now most of the airlines in India have compromised on this issue with the travel agents. Singapore Airlines is under tremendous pressure to also give in. Travel agents in India have threatened to stop issuing Singapore Airlines ticket and supporting them. It seems that the boycott of travel agents is having a serious effect on the business of the airline. TAAI has stated that Singapore Airlines has reduced fares by 60%, its load factor is down to 20% and it has lost 80% of its monthly business.

Growth with debt-Keep your fingers crossed

I was surprised to note that Tatas have also borrowed heavily by pledging its shares. Growth with too much borrowed money is very risky. Public invests in Tata companies thinking they are financially sound without realizing that they have borrowed heavily. When I saw Tatas going in for huge acquisitions like Jaguar/Rover and Corus, I was concerned that even if one of them landed in trouble, Tatas could get into serious trouble. With the recession and financial crisis, trouble has landed in multiples. The interest of the common shareholders in the Tata companies could suffer.