Are the 3 idiots making idiots out of us?

Well, I think they are. Not only that they are laughing all the way to the bank by making us idiots. Who am I talking about? Of course, the producers of the movie 3 idiots, actor Aamir Khan and of course Chetan Bhagat.

Today, morning when I saw the headlines in HT City, the main story was about the controversy over the script of the movie 3 idiots. My immediate reaction was, “Are these guys making us idiots?” And I decided I must post a blog on the subject. Well, I sat down for breakfast with my wife and she saw the headline and reacted by say, ” Her reaction gave me proof that I was on the right track and hence this post.

Either they are really idiots or they are making us all idiots. Why? Here is my reasoning.

1. It is obvious Chetan Bhagat is looking for more money and that the producers don’t want to give more money. Since the film has been released without appropriate credit to Chetan Bhagat as claimed by him, what else can Chetan expect. Either he gets more money or if he Harishchandra, he can settle for an apology. On the other hand, what can the producers do after
the fact that the movie has released. They can also either offer an apology or give compensation. Till now nobody has asked for or to give either. So how do they expect to resolve the problem? God only knows.

2. This is a commercial dispute. It cannot be resolved by “he said this” and “he said that.” It cannot be resolved by holding press conferences or blogging. This has to be either solved by both sides of the party sitting together or by resolving it through arbitration or the court. Producers are not going to the court. Aamir is saying that the matter should be taken to court but that he is not the deciding authority. HT has reported Chetan saying, “I have consulted my lawyers and they have said ‘please let them take you to court. You will also win royalty from the film.’ So, please take me to court. Make me rich.”

And I thought that writers were at least logical. I think there is something wrong with this scenario and Chetan’s logic. Chetan has said that he is the aggrieved party. He is the one who is unhappy. So, correct me if I am wrong, shouldn’t he be the one who should be going to the court? Is Chetan suggesting that he will not go to court and will wait for the producers to go to court. But why should the producers take Chetan to Court? They are sitting pretty. How much noise can Chetan make? We all know that the matter will die in due course. However, the producers and Aamir keep fueling the fire and so does Chetan.

3. Also, nobody has heard anything from the publisher of Chetan’s book, that is, Rupa & Co. Normally, the publisher holds all the rights to an author’s book. If this is so, then it should be Rupa & Co. which has been wronged by the producers of 3 idiots.

Logically speaking, there is no reason for this controversy to get prolonged but both sides are extending it by whatever means. I think what Vir Sanghvi says in his article in HT today (which by the way has an appropriate title “it’s about behaving with grace, you idiots!”), that this controversy can be resolved by Vinod Chopra agreeing to give appropriate credit to Chetan Bhagat. Such an act would not reduce the success of the film or reduce the popularity of Aamir khan or the script writers. So why is nobody is even thinking of doing the reasonable or the rational or the easy thing. Very simple. Its a publicity stunt. The conversy is helping both Chetan Bhagat to sell more books and Vinod Chopra to sell more tickets. If this is true, they are making us idiots and laughing away to the bank. And if this is not true, then they are the idiots and they need to do something about it.

Avinash Narula

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I agree with you. They have made us idiots to such an extent that we even don’t think or analyze the issue before posting anything in a bolg.
The content of this can’t be from a manager’s point of view. The content has arguments of a lawyer. So the lawyer’s arguments put forward by a manager has made it an idiot’s argument. But wait, apart from the lack of the understanding on the core issue of the debate this post has technical flaws.
True that publishers hold right to an author’s book. But the copyright of Five Point Someone is with Mr Bhagat. Please open a book to find it out. Rupa and Co. doesn’t have the copyright.

After reading the blog, I am sure the blogger either has not read the book or has not watched the movie. His lack of understanding of human psychology, promptness to jump into issues without preparation is very much reflected in the post. Truly I was made idiot enough by the controversy to read an idiotic blog like this.


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