Airtel wants to be like Toyota

I recently read an article in ET in which its CEO & Joint MD Manoj Kohli was profiled. It seems that Manoj Kohli’s dream is to make Bharti Airtel the Toyota of the telecom industry.

Let su see if he is walking his talk. I have not heard that Toyota is billing it customers for products and services not ordered by them. Airtel does this knowingly which amounts to cheating the customers. As mentioned in my earlier posts, I have been billed the following without my consent:

1. Clip charges when my telephones do not even have the telephone display facility
2. “Hello Tunes” charges. I had to finally write a registered letter threatening lawsuit to Sunil Mittal before the service was stopped. They still did not return my money.
3. They billed all their customers including me Rs. 200 for reducing prices which they had to do because of competitive pressures. I think they had 25 million customers at that time. Imagine the money they would have made illegally. They had to finally refund the amount after all their customers raised hell.

Maybe Manoj Kohli can tell us when Toyota has tried to make millions in illegal profit by cheating its customers. Its your actions which count and not management mumbo jumbo. Manoj Kohli needs to talk to Mrs. Mishra who is being billed for “Hello Tunes” without her consent and which she is not able to get rid of inspite of her best efforts. All it takes is a simple click at Airtel’s end to stop “Hello Tunes” on her number but nobody is willing to do so. Why? Very simple. Airtel wants to make as much money out of its customers as possible because it wants to become the Toyota of the telecom industry.

I hope somebody at Airtel reads this post and acts to assist Mrs. Mishra. If Manoj Kohli wants to turn Airtel into Toyota, he should call up Mrs. Mishra and apologise to her. Once this happens, I will start believing that Airtel has the character and vision to not only become the Toyota of the telecom industry.

If you have faced similar problems, log in your complaint at Maybe we can take all the complaints to Manoj Kohli and ask him if this is how he intends to become the Toyota of the telecom industry.

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