Avinash Narula

Author, Entrepreneur, Management Professor and Trainer

Management and customer GuruAvinash Narula’s interest in teaching management courses and conducting management training programs and seminars forced him to look for ways to explain management concepts in a simple manner to his audience. He even wants his books and articles on management to be interesting to read and needless to say jargon free. He says, “Generally management books are dull and boring. I want my books to be easy to read and interesting. I want to be the James Hadley Chase of management books.”

To achieve the above, Avinash usually writes in a story telling format which lends informality to the writing making the reader more comfortable.

Also, Avinash likes mixing theory with practice and experience so as to incorporate a touch of reality into the discussion about the management concept . In addition, logic plays a key role in his writings. Lastly, he feels that real life examples are the best way of explaining management concepts in a simple manner. He make extensive use of examples. He says, “Examples are the best tool available to convince others of your ideas. They are also interesting to read.”

No wonder, Avinash Narula has made a habit of turning self experience into management lessons for others through his books. Nine years ago, Avinash Narula ill-treated his customer and lost him for good. It was this “worst mistake of his life” as he likes to describe this experience which ultimately resulted in his developing mathematics to prove “Customer is King.” This became the basis of his first book “Customer Math.” After you have understood customer mathematics, you will never dare to make the customer unhappy. For more information, visit www.customermath.com.

Analysis of his company’s customer data convinced Avinash that we are all very stupid. He realized that we spend huge amounts on marketing to exchange our unhappy customers with our competitors. Simple calculations suggested to him that businesses could save nearly 70% of their marketing cost if they just retained their customers by keeping them happy. This was the basis of his next book “Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange.”For more information, visit www.customermath.com.

It was inevitable that after running an advertising agency for 10 years that Avinash Narula write about advertising and that is exactly what he did. The book “Implementing Advertising Strategy” is different as it deals with the nitty gritty of designing brochures, advertisements, posters and websites as well as the printing process. In the book, he shares numerous tips that he learnt over 10 years of running an advertising agency. For more information, visit www.brochure-designing.net.

Review of Avinash’s presentation by the chairman of the company he worked for in U.S. in 1989 became the basis of his next book “80/20 Rule of Communicating Your Ideas effectively.” Analyzing his chairman’s suggestions to improve his presentation, Avinash realized that the story that he was telling through his presentation was faulty. It was not logical and sequential. Also, it was not concise as it contained redundant and irrelevant material. He was amazed at result after he removed these defects. From that day onwards, irrespective of whether he is writing a book or an article or making a presentation, Avinash is focused on developing a convincing “story” which is logical, sequential, concise and with a smooth flow. After successfully using the concept himself for a number of years, he decided to share it with a larger audience through his book.

Just like his books, Avinash Narula has a very interesting and diversified background. He is an entrepreneur, management professor, author and trainer all rolled into one. He has had nearly 30 years of professional experience in India and in United States. His diverse educational background includes a B. Com degree from Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, an MBA degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of Illinois, U.S. and a B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Conrad N. Hilton College, University of Houston, U.S. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.

He has been a recipient of a number of scholarships and was awarded the First Prize for the best paper on mergers and acquisitions from Association of Corporate Growth, Chicago (US).

Avinash Narula is a prolific writer. He has written 4 books. www.management-training1.com. He has also developed a number of interesting Indian management case studies. He wrote an award winning paper on mergers and acquisitions and has published articles on marketing and the hospitality industry.

Avinash Narula’s commentary on management concepts will clearly bring out his quest to make management concepts simple and easy to understand. He hopes you will also share your thoughts and experience on this website.